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BSA Troop 367 in New Hanover, Pennsylvania meets weekly all year round on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM at New Hanover Lutheran Church, 2941 Lutheran Road, Gilbertsville, PA 19525.

During the summer months we meet at the Church's picnic grove on Swamp Picnic Road between Charlotte Street and Lutheran Road.



Posted by mtrexler on Jul 6 2022 - 11:49am

7/12 will be the last Troop meeting before summer camp. Please submit your completed med forms, complete the Summer Camp Merit Badge Pre-Requisites and obtain the Scoutmaster signature. Print out the form: 


If you would like to purchase a Troop Summer Camp photo, please bring $5 CASH to one of our next meetings before summer camp.

Please ensure you bring your Scoutbook to every meeting - Joe Super along with other adult leaders will be checking your books and updating the 'Scoutbook' app so your electronic records are up to date as well.

Gettysburg camping trip - June 2022

Posted by mtrexler on Jun 27 2022 - 8:11pm


This link has a photo album of some of the trip highlights.

How to Earn Schell Bucks for Your Patrol?

Posted by mtrexler on Jun 15 2022 - 9:20pm

 What are Schell Bucks? 

Troop 367 introduced Schell Bucks while on our April camping trip. Each patrol played games, completed rank requirements in order earn Schell Bucks which were used to purchase items for their meals in the cooking competition. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun earning Schell Bucks the Scouts requested more opportunities to earn Schell Bucks for use in future cooking competitions. 

Why volunteer?.... not just for service time rank advancement

Posted by mtrexler on Jun 14 2022 - 9:47pm

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.

Watch this video of NHELC Scout Sunday to learn how the scouting experience has impacted both Scouts and Adult volunteers:  https://youtu.be/IhWH2Lqv4dk

Upcoming opportunities:

June 20-24, Church Camp Counselor (details in the Comments section below).

Click the "read more" and the "comments" link to see specific ways you can help.

Merit Badge Competition

Posted by mtrexler on Jun 1 2022 - 7:00am

Merit Badge Competition

The Scouts need to Notify Mr. Berger when they complete a Merit Badge. 

We take the 137 current MB’s and invert them so that the least earned has the highest point value.  For example, the listing for 2019 has “First Aid” as the most earned, so that would be worth 1 point, but  “Bugling” was the least earned and is worth 137 points

So what do I need to do?

You need to start and finish your MB’s in the calendar year of 2022.  Previously started MB’s will not be counted even if completed in 2022.  Must start and complete in 2022.

How do I start a MB?

Starting a merit badge is easy! Just follow these steps; Pick a Subject. Talk to your unit leader about your interests. Read the requirements of the merit badges you think might interest you and pick one to earn. Your leader will give you the name of a person from a list of counselors.Talk to that counselor and make sure they are available to work on this with you.  Then go to Mr. Polen and ask for a Blue Card  Troop 367 has a huge leader contingent that should cover quite a lot of MB’s.

An option is to complete MB online. The Edmond History merit badge programs have proven to be extremely beneficial to a few of our scouts. Visit the website and follow the steps outlined there:



2nd Cardboard Boat Regatta!

Posted by mtrexler on May 31 2022 - 3:35pm
It's time to start planning and building your cardboard boats for our 2nd Cardboard Boat Regatta!      

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